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If someone near you suffers from the drug addiction which is considered to be a progressive disease. Due to prolonged intoxication, the brain cells of the person suffering from this disease die. Due to which his decision making power ends and his physical and mental dependence on drugs increases. Physical dependence refers to restlessness, headache, trembling of hands, stiffness in the body, etc., in the absence of intoxication, which is removed by medicine by detoxifying the body in 21 days. Due to a lack of support system or choosing the wrong de-addiction center in jammu, many people who go for rehabilitation end up using the drug again. Here, we are going to tell you about the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Bhaderwah:


Which patient can get admission at our Nasha Mukti Kendra

Mental dependence refers to the fear of the future, the remorse of the past, anger, sadness, failure, conflict in the house, or going to the side of drugs when there is a fight. For its treatment, the inactive cells of the brain are activated through yoga, panchakarma, meditation and psychological treatment by trained persons in our center. By which he becomes able to decide right and wrong, accept reality, gain self-confidence, love himself and face the problems of life without drugs. It is important to know that not all drug addicts get this disease, except about 10 percent of drug addicts, the rest of the people have control over the drug, it is not that the victim does not want to quit but his plan to quit.

At our center he is taught to implement the plan for today and now. Therefore, it is necessary that we must give opportunity to the people suffering from this disease to improve by helping them to emerge from this disease, so that they and their family can also lead a good life. Facility of nutritious food, loving behavior, respect, entertainment and indoor games are available to the person admitted in our center.
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